“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” 
--Karen Davidson


Calling all Heros!

Join the BTBR foster family and let us change the world for precious rescue dogs in need of help.  Fostering is an essential part of rescue and without our foster families, we simply could not rescue dogs. We do not have a shelter; all of our dogs are in loving foster homes. We rely on the generosity of foster families who open their homes and hearts to our rescue dogs.




What is fostering?

Fostering is bringing a dog into your home and keeping it healthy and happy until it finds a
"furever home."


Why foster?

You will find that being a foster is one of the most rewarding experiences. To watch a broken and frail dog be rehabilitated into healthy happy family member is an amazing experience.


What does fostering include?

Foster families are responsible for the daily care of the foster dog, including: Trips to the vet, feeding, exercising, socializing, grooming, basic training, observing and evaluating behavior and temperament, playing, having fun, loving and of course, enjoying your foster dog.


What are the costs associated with fostering?

As a foster, you will be responsible for covering the costs of the foster dog's food and any extras, like treats and toys. BTBR covers the costs of vetting and monthly flea and tick prevention. Special considerations are made for families that need an extra crate for their foster dog. Basically, you pay for the fun stuff and BTBR covers the rest.


How long will my foster dog be with me?

The amount of time you will have your foster dog can be just a few weeks up to several months. Plan on two weeks, at a minimum.


What if I fall in love and want to adopt my foster?

Here at BTBR, our foster families get priority. If you decide you would like to adopt your foster, just let our Adoption Coordinator know and (s)he will arrange the adoption.

 Questions about fostering? Email us here!



Thank you for helping us save a life.