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We think that's a GREAT idea. Check out our requirements and apply to adopt below.

To Our Adoption Applicants:

We appreciate your interest in helping a rescued Boston Terrier or an honorary BT—a dog who needs to be rescued. The Black Tie Boston Rescue (BTBR) is an all-volunteer organization, serving dogs in the U.S. Southeast—primarily the Carolinas.

Here is how we operate:

  • Our non-refundable adoption fees are:
    • $450 for dogs under 1 year old (An additional spay/neuter deposit of $150.00 will be required if the BTBR dog is not ready or able for surgery at the time of adoption. The deposit is refunded upon proof of the surgery having been completed).
    • $375 for dogs 1-7 years old
    • $275 for dogs 8 years and older

Prior to adoption, BTBR dogs will receive a complete veterinary check-up, be spayed/neutered (except where age or health does not permit before adoption), heartworm tested and current on vaccines.

  • As BTBR foster dogs reside in volunteers’ private homes throughout the southeast, there is no one facility or location where all BTBR dogs can be visited.
  • We receive a tremendous number of inquiries, so please be patient. If you don’t hear back from us within a week of sending a Facebook message, email or application, please follow up with us at
  • Please read the Adoption Application and Agreement carefully and answer the questions thoroughly. This will help us to understand your physical environment and family dynamics, thus enabling us to choose the right BTBR dog for your family. 
  • ALL potential adopters are screened for placement suitability for dogs. The first step of the adoption process is your completion and  submission of the BTBR Adoption Application online (at the bottom of this page). We require a $20 application fee which you can submit via PayPal to  You can pay your application fee here.  This is a nonrefundable fee, so make sure you read through the requirements before you apply.
  • Once your fee and application is received, we will call your veterinarian and contact your personal references. We will then arrange a virtual Home Visit; a BTBR volunteer will set up a video call to speak with you and have a tour of the home where the BTBR dog will reside. The entire adoption process will take a few weeks.
  • Once a decision has been made, the Adoption Coordinator which reach out to you using the email you provide on your application.  If you're approved, we will talk about the dogs you are interested in.  Approved adopters may chat with foster parents about the dogs as well as set up meet and greets to meet the dog they are interested in.

The Black Tie Boston Rescue may refuse placement of a dog for any reason. By submitting this application, you give permission for BTBR and its affiliates to investigate and confirm all information that you have provided. All forms become the property of BTBR upon submission and may be shared with other affiliated Boston Terrier Rescue organizations.

We are dedicated to finding the right homes for our rescued Boston Terriers and ask for your patience in allowing us to do so.  Thank you for contacting BTBR. 

BTBR Board of Directors



BTBR requires access to potential adopter’s records of previous dogs' veterinary care and other historical information. BTBR will contact veterinarians directly but applicants may comment on anything they feel is important to understand regarding previous dogs and their care.

A non-refundable application fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) is required for BTBR to process this application. This fee will be applied to the cost of veterinary care for BTBR foster dogs.


1.       Adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

2.       Adopters must have identification showing their current address and one form of picture ID, if requested.

3.       Adopters must have obtained the consent of ALL adults living in the household for the adoption of a BTBR rescue dog.

4.       If renting, adopters must have proof of their landlord’s written consent and evidence the payment of a pet deposit, if required. BTBR will require a copy of your lease for proof that it allows for pets.

5.       Adopter’s existing pets must have current vaccination records and be free from contagious illnesses. Veterinary records are sometimes required. If the BTBR dog to be adopted requires “Only Pet” status, there may not be any other pet in adopter’s household.

6.       Some BTBR dogs are well-suited to living with children under the age of five. BTBR will work with adopters with young children to find the right BTBR dog. If, however, the BTBR dog is termed “No Children,” there may be no children living in adopter’s home. When you have children visiting your home, a No Children BTBR dog must be kept totally separate from children. Since this requirement is for the safety and well-being of both the BTBR dog and the children, violation of this requirement may be grounds for the BTBR to remove the BTBR dog from the adopter’s possession at the adopter’s expense.

7.       Adopters must be able to spend the time necessary to provide training, medical treatment, proper care, companionship and bear the costs for the maintenance of the BTBR dog.

8.       All animals in adopter’s home must be spayed/neutered, unless there are extraordinary reasons otherwise. Adopters must raise requests for potential exceptions to this obligation with BTBR prior to placement of a BTBR dog.

9.       Adoption of a BTBR dog carries with it the adopter’s agreement that BTBR retains an interest in that BTBR dog for the dog’s lifetime. That means adopters must maintain contact with BTBR, list the BTBR as the second contact on the dog's microchip, provide BTBR with information on the dog’s health or condition if there is a change and be prepared to relinquish and return the dog to BTBR if adopter is unable or unwilling to further care for the BTBR dog personally. Adopters may NOT sell, give or in any way transfer ownership of the dog to another party without the express consent of BTBR. Failure to abide by these provisions will result in BTBR taking all necessary legal actions in order to preserve its rights.

10.    Dog rescues are expensive propositions. Accordingly, adopters are responsible for picking up or otherwise making arrangements to pick up the BTBR dog from their foster family—please don’t ask BTBR foster parents, volunteers or coordinators to bring the BTBR dog to the adoption home. Similarly, if there is a need to return a BTBR dog to BTBR, adopters must bear this transportation expense as well.

11.    It is greatly appreciated when adopters add a donation to help other BTBR dogs who are old, sick, or otherwise unadoptable or become foster parents to other BTBR dogs.

12.    All BTBR dogs receive any necessary medical treatment, are up-to-date on their shots (based on age) and are spayed or neutered prior to adoption (if they are medically fit for altering). Some BTBR dogs have pre-existing conditions; adopters are informed whether a BTBR dog is special needs or recovering from an ailment since this may not be the right BTBR dog for them.

BTBR rescues dogs in danger from shelters or being surrendered by their owners. The breed determination for dogs listed on BTBR website, Facebook page and on courtesy made by the shelter or previous owner or other source, such as a veterinary office. BTBR postings are, to the best of BTBR’s knowledge, accurate but BTBR cannot warrant a dog’s genetic make-up. BTBR fees are set despite inconclusive data on the nature of the dog’s breed or age.

If you meet these requirements please apply below.



If you have any questions please feel free to contact our adoption coordinator at:


If you have already applied and need to pay your required $20 application fee, you can do so here. Please note your application will not be processed until this fee is paid.